Friday, July 03, 2015

Dowsing - fun with a couple of sticks...

Well, I've had an interesting few weeks - busy with Angeni ending her school year, challenged by a hectic teaching schedule, and battling health issues.  I am the (barely) walking wounded.  It seems my tendons and ligaments in the right knee are objecting to the demands of my weight, age and work schedule.  As of yesterday I am in a knee brace and using crutches.   It is stressful, painful and frightening, but I return to gratitude that it could be worse - a lot worse...

Anyway, on the full moon of "She Who Finds Love in All Things" my daughter got her report card (rocking 90's) and her G1...  Brian and I managed to get the preparations done for the dowsing course running as of Wednesday, July 8.  Here is the information:
Dowsing - Beginner & Advanced: This popular course is divided into 2 full days over two weekends.  This is an interesting look at the two forms of kinesiological interaction with our higher selves.  This course demonstrates the use of a single, suspended pendulum and 2 L-rod dowsing sticks.  We should have good enough weather to assure lots of practice outside doing geomantic dowsing, and learn radiesthetic dowsing for healing work.  This class also looks at ley lines, vortices and ghost paths.  Please bring potluck lunch both days, a binder, pen, crystals, pendulums and L-rods if you have them.  We have pendulums and L-rods at a nominal fee for those students who require them.
Wednesdays 9:30 AM to 4 PM July 8 and 15. Course Fee: $125.00. Call or email me, asap.

People ask me about dowsing all the time...  the why's and whether it is relevant.  It is more relevant and necessary than ever, frankly. I really find it helps students tune into their "Higher Self".  Once they learn how to be their own antenna to the earth and the collective consciousness, they take off and run with it - their channeling skills develop exponentially. We all aren't going to be on TV channeling for other people...  some of us are healers, painters, artists, musicians, farmers and writers.  Channeling for the self involves the exact same connection to source.

I hope the weather improves to more "summer-like" temperatures and a little less rain...  I pray for Greece and the Ukraine.  I pray for my own people here in Canada...  have a wonderful month!

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