Monday, June 08, 2015

I've got a secret...

A secret indeed...  people who walk into my studio have been puzzled of late.  They scan the knitwear and note 2 sweaters and 4 scarf/hat sets...  however there are 3 dozen shawls.  These shawls are all very different, yet share a theme (for the most part). At first blush they look like bird wings.  if people start reading tags, they note words like 'harmonic resonance", "sacred geometry", "Schumann frequency" and bird names.  When pressed, I will explain that my shawls are for meditation, or prayer, and contain my designs filled with sacred geometry principles.  Each is unique.  Each shawl represents the star people and a bird dodem, rolled into one garment that when worn will elicit a sense of comfort.  A silent hug.

For over 10 years I've knit these shawls.  I am driven.  I do the math in my head at night or the wee hours of the morning...  I visualize colours together and ask the bird dodems to show themselves to me, and explain the unique meaning of their "hug". Brian in his kind way, supports me through the yarn buying process, even if it is just one skein I can afford.

So what's the big secret?  It took me a long time to recognize this is how I hug people. The violence and damage of my childhood kept me from making physical contact. The ectopic scars covering my body are really painful when something comes in contact with my skin.  As my back deteriorates I cannot bend into people to hug.  But, my spirit touches everyone who wears these pieces of spiritual art.  Heart Art.  Sacred Flight of my Heart.  It's all good.  I smile to myself when people stand in front of the mirror.  The first thing they say is that they love the colours... then I watch them close their eyes and smile.  Their soul feels the hug....  my little secret... and the ancestors, and the star people, and the bird tribes...and the crystals.... sigh...  Blessings.

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