Monday, June 01, 2015

Shamanic rock 'n roll

Wow what a wild few days this is been! Just before 5 PM on the long holiday weekend [May 15] there was a terrible accident involving an elderly man who smashed his car into our trailer.  The trailer was normally not parked in our driveway, but had been sold and was awaiting pickup.   He fainted about a kilometer down the road, jammed to the accelerator, smashed into a pickup truck, careened across some lawns and into our trailer which got pushed into the spruce tree. We were worried that he would have to have his leg amputated.  It was crushed.  It took the ambulance firefighters and police over an hour to extricate him from his car, jammed as it was under our trailer. All of the insurance work has been settled and the elderly gentleman remains in hospital having had to be transferred to Barrie and back again...  As I write this the towing company has just contacted us to remove the trailer so it's been nearly 3 weeks to resolve everything. I pray that the gentleman gets his life back and can resume his retirement in peace.  The trailer means nothing - life means everything.

Additionally we took a trip to Lindsay this past week to de-spook an old mansion which was converted into 6 apartments.  There were so many problems with spiritual attachments and entities  the apartments were being abandoned by the renters! So we drove there and did our "thing".  In less than a week there are more applicants for the apartments than there are apartments to rent! According to the owner the atmosphere is completely changed and that's what we want!  When we do these excursions people seem so afraid of the spirits and yet when we got there it turns out to be victims of very old train accidents who were just lost.  There were a lot of people in spirit hanging around this mansion - I will grant the owners that - but they've all been sent to the light. Case closed.

Since I last wrote our daughter has traveled to the national competition for high school bands.  She's only been playing drums since March and already they won 2 gold medals at regionals and a bronze and gold at the national championships. I am stunned that a child who's never sat at a drum kit can play so well. 

Just this past weekend we held our Spring shamanic healing gathering.  This was very wild! We did some incredible healing on each other and some members of the community.  We de-spooked an old farmhouse in the area and sent another load of spirits into the light.  There were a few indigenous spirits who preferred to stay with the land and that's just fine.  I packed an awful lot of stuff into 2 1/2 days because we get to see each other collectively only twice a year. Brian and I come away very tired but very happy.  Another upside to these gatherings is that we go full tilt cleaning and preparing the house.  Brian spent a lot of time finishing the gardens and erecting some new latticework trellises.  By the time people arrived the yard looks stunning.  The house remained clean after the weekend because, of course, our guests help us tidy up.  We start this week with a spotless house. 

I need today to stop and reflect on the whirlwind that was the month of May.  I've already done a lot of correspondence this morning which was waiting in the queue.  Mercifully our gang leave the food left overs so I don't have to spend a lot of my day cooking.  It is peaceful because the pendulum has swung the other way.  I need the day to look inward and rest.  I am really very tired but contentedly so...

I noticed last night some mysterious sock monkeys have joined my little gang of sock monkeys.  Funny how that happens!

Enjoy these early days of June.  May your gardens be blooming and the sun shining. Blessings, peace, love and light. Kathryn

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