Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wowee pneumonia sucks!  I have so much to do today to get through the end of the week and prepping for the shows...  I hate when my body doesn't co-operate with my mind.  The open houses are just a month away, and in the meantime I have the Ontario Multifaith Council conference to attend and drum making at the local highschool over a two-day period all before the open houses....  We are doing these for the first time in many years, and absolutely the first time in Lafontaine.  The dates we've chosen are Saturdays Nov. 17, 24, Dec. 1 &2, 8 and 15.  The Dec. 1 & 2 days are the "big" open house, lasting for the weekend, and we have guest artists arriving...  Thankfully Angeni has Nov. 16th off of school so she can help us set up for the first Saturday we're open.

Brian is making drums over the next couple of weeks so they have time to "cure" and then I do some artistic designs on them.  I've been knitting hat and scarf sets, prayer shawls, shrugs, and sweaters.  I have quilts and jewelry - both native and sacred designs.  There are dolls and bears, native cosmetics and sacred medicines.- lots of different odds and sods.  I'm proud of the work we've done.

In the meantime I guess I have to be patient with myself and allow myself to heal.  The antibiotics are NOT pleasant, but I will persevere

I'm too tired to write more...  Have a blessed day!  Kathryn.

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