Thursday, October 11, 2012

New day - we had such wild weather yesterday and through the night!  Snow, hail, rain and winds gusting to 70 kph.  I'm surprised all the flowers haven't wilted!  We have some sage to finish harvesting, and that needs to happen soon or it will be mush.  I thought David Phillips of Environment Canada said this would be a long, warmer-than-average autumn season.  He has been so wrong!  It's been colder and certainly wetter than I think it should be for early October.  Maybe I'm spoiled from the long, hot summer...

I'm playing with an Apple iPad that was loaned to me for a few months.  I'm comparing it with the Blackberry Playbook I own...  so far I find that the BB will play any Youtube video I've wanted to see, but the iPad does not.  That's the only strike against it so far...  it certainly charges quickly and has a plethora of "apps".  Once I figure out the design software, I'll have a better notion.  We've never had Apple products in this home, so it certainly is a unique learning curve!

My scarf and hat sets are taking shape...  I'm also gearing up to use my SK 150/151 knitting machine/ribber combo again.  I haven't touched it in at least 18 years, so reading the instruction book is like attempting to read gibberish.  I am trying to reframe my distress at forgetting so much about the damned machine.  I love making yardages of knit fabric, then cutting and sewing/serging clothing.  Otherwise it is limiting - I don't hand knit as fast as I machine knit, but I find that if you are doing any sort of patterning or cabling, the knitting machine is slower...  I have some new designs in my head for knitwear and I'm a bit stalled with the creation of same.  It will come...  I've never been known for my patience.  :)  I do need a kick in the proverbial pants when it comes to making some chakra healing jewellery.  My head isn't there right now at all.

As for spiritual musings, I am thankful for my angels today.  I am feeling much gratitude for the clarity and the ease of the physical pain in my head and legs.  People are asking me what I think about the Mayan calendar and the "end" of time on Dec. 21st...  I for one, am having a winter solstice party on Dec. 21st - it arrives just after 6 AM, so I won't warm the canapes until we see what happens.  Just joking there...  I believe that this is a shifting of consciousness time, rather than an end of the physical world.  My guides and teachers have said nothing to me of apocalypses or other calamitous events on or around that date.  When you educate and elevate a core group within a larger  group, the rest of the larger group start to follow along (even with resistance).  Corporate structures bank on this paradigm.  I think winter solstice and the end of the Mayan calendar is about spiritual elevation within humanity.  That being said, archeologists have found information that suggests the calendar doesn't end for a few hundred years.  I guess we shall see!

Blessings friends on this blustery day.

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