Friday, April 28, 2006

"W" channel shines

Great evening of mediumship, paranormal investigation and recapitulation on W network. This channel has a wonderful line-up, 4 hours long every Friday evening from 7 PM to 11 PM... It starts with Ghostly Encounters at 7 PM, Rescue Mediums at 7:30 PM, Most Haunted at 8 PM, two more shows on psychic investigation, and finally Derek Acorah's Ghost Town. I started invezstigating the paranormal in 1978, when I attended university, and trained as a Spiritualist Medium - my aboriginal traditions are blessedly full of teachings on spirit. So I delight in thoughtful, intelligent tv that showcases the talents of gifted mediums who do the same work that I've done for nearly 30 years. For all of us, it is the ability to send trapped souls into the light, which is our goal. Harmony is helped in all dimensions. A great night of tv - forcing me to get all my work done on an upcoming class on Shadow & Tarot... pleasant dreams!

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