Saturday, April 29, 2006

Spiritual Integrity

It amazes me how I get e-mail from people expecting that I will answer their question because they are in a panic... I am glad people trust me as a confidante and advisor, but e-mailing in a panic doesn't really solve anything. First, I refuse to channel for responses in a situation like that - if the querent is truly interested in information, the right thing to do is make an appointment, we sit down and channel properly. Granted, not everyone lives near me, but the point is, I won't negatively reinforce the upset person who isn't taking steps to solve the issue. The self-responsibility issue raises its head - I could channel for information on what is coming, but that always depends on the actions we take, so the outcome changes with every thought and step we take (or don't take).

Moving ourselves through difficult situations requires a PERSONAL dialogue with God/Creator/Great Mystery/Wankan Tanka (whoever one sees as Source). We need to sit with calmness when facing crisis, and this takes practice and self-control. Giving in to anxiety is a knee-jerk response and serves only to increase adrenalin levels, keep us awake, and worse - psychic chaos.

I cannot be expected to act as an intermediary with Creator. I will not ask for divine intervention for situations that aren't a medical emergency (like selling a house). I will counsel a person on what appears to be their Shadow issues in a situation, and how they might unlock feeling stuck, by changing their approach.

By not giving into these requests, I keep my inbox relatively clear of panic-filled emails, and maintain boundaries. This is one aspect of spiritual integrity
. I would rather act in guidance to assist someone with their process, then hand them an answer - giving someone these tools allows them to grow in spiritual integrity.

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