Friday, April 28, 2006

Ramblings of a Ghostie Gal

Welcome to my first-ever weblog (blog)!!! Here at the Lodge we do so many interesting things in aboriginal spirituality, paranormal work and education that there are lots of things I'd like to share... Not to mention, animal nonsense and upcoming events, pictures from events already past, announcements and more!

One of the recent happenings concerns the sale of our llamas. Yes, the last of our original herd is gone to a new home near Dornoch, Ontario. We are pleased to shift focus and add to our barn the lovely Mabel, a spunky thoroughbred of 14 who joins Jujube the mini donkey and Lucky the Arabian horse. Fewer mouths to feed, and I have enough llama/alpaca yarn to last into my 80's.

Having llamas was an intense experiment with an enormous amount of learning. If it was a flukey problem we experienced it, from prolapsed uteruses to tuberculosis, premature births to premature deaths. Angeni certainly has gained wisdom around the cycle of life, as have Snow Eagle and I - as hard as it was, llama herding was the experience of a lifetime.

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