Sunday, December 26, 2021

Weekly video

 Well, the holidays are in full flow...  Angeni made it home this year, despite the Omicron avalanche.  We've had some nice meals together and time to chat...  Like most of us, I've desperately needed some down time.  I want to do my vision board for 2022 next weekend, so it's a week for perculating some manifestations for objectives.  

Some objectives are close to birthing: the "Spirit of the Teaching Rocks Oracle", featuring pictographs and a silk screened playcloth are in the works, along with a 108 card tarot.  I want to do a Lenormand style deck, too.  We're forced to streamline our teaching/classes to different formats.  There are some big changes which already happened, and a further fine-tuning.  We're downsizing in so many ways, without the physical move, yet.  I'm 65 soon, but not ready to retire - lots to do.

Anyway, here's the link to the weekly video which is live now on youtube.  Just cut and paste into your browser: 

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