Monday, August 03, 2015


We've been working for weeks on the content of the upcoming crystals course, which will be presented starting on Wednesday nights for 4 weeks in August. It's been a long time since I've presented crystals as a stand-alone course. I always have some aspect of crystals in just about every course I teach, but this is a major course dealing with both practical three-dimensional aspects of crystals and the more metaphysical, esoteric and healing uses of crystals. So it's contingent upon me every time I teach to update the material I'm using and freshen up my resource materials.

Some of the handouts were so old that Brian had to find software to convert the document format to something we could access for editing!  The content doesn't change much - there aren't many new crystals - but I like to update my presentation.

It is both anxiety producing and a thrill of rise to the occasion.  I push myself, and tend to over-prepare.  That's okay.  An adrenaline rush is always fun - some people sky dive for their rush, I prepare teaching materials.

If I'm honest with myself, I think the thing I like best about teaching is the look on student's faces when I pull together concepts that close gaps and fill in loopholes in their knowledge base.  The grand epiphany, it is... and I often see a hunger in people to learn more when they "get it".  Sages called it 'gnostic conciousness'.  It is a knowing that resonates to the soul and cannot be refuted.  I live for the big 'a-ha'.

The anxiety part of this process relates to my perfectionism. I don't always remember the names of the crystals and I'm sure I've forgotten more of the names than I ever will remember.  I seem less concerned whether a stone is a piece of leopard skin agate or a piece of jasper - I'm more concerned with the relationship I've developed with a particular stone which has been part of my healing repertoire for years. I don't deal with stones by geological classification as much as I see how they function when placed on a person. Crystals are living things!

Anyway, it's been a good exercise of distraction for me while I work on healing this leg of mine. It is much less swollen but I still can't use it to climb stairs. Another round of appointments next week should yield some support from physiotherapy and assistive devices. I desperately want to get back in the kitchen, and even more desperately I want to get back upstairs into my own bed and out of this hospital bed in the family room. Suffice to say my trusty crystal wand is here and I use it on my leg regularly through the day as well as the collection of traditional medicines.

If you're interested in the last spot in the crystals class, let me know! Blessings and have a great week.

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