Monday, May 04, 2015

How to understand your resident spirit...

So I've been sending spirits into the light from my teen years, making this avocation of mine more than 40 years in duration. It's always interested me (in a macabre sort of way) why people are terrified of the behaviours of their resident spirits. Little things like moving objects across the table, or shifting a shower curtain from the left to the right, or just making the odd noise - these kinds of rather benign activities will send a nervous Nelly into near-apoplexy.  Some people can't see past their fear and hold on to  terror for years. I try to get folks to understand that compassion for this spirit person  is going to go a long way to get them out of your environment!  Said differently, your fear will hold them in the environment because spirits feed on highly volatile energies like fear and anxiety. Conversely, loving compassionate understanding that these entities are afraid of going into the next dimension, or they have regrets, or they simply passed in the state of dementia and are confused!  Spirits are you and I. Those of us in this dimension are simply spirits having a human 3rd dimensional experience.

Spirits were people having all the same kinds of day-to-day human experiences that we all have… and the fear seems to rest in the lack of our ability to understand the form they now possess because we usually can't see them.  When I am counseling those with resident spirits I ask the frightened homeowner to consider that the person in their residence might be a grandmother or grandfather… How would they want me to speak to their grandmother or grandfather who was confused and needing to go to the light?  Or maybe, just maybe, this grandparent had a message for the homeowner!  Projecting an atmosphere of love and compassion is crucial to getting spirits who are anxious and afraid to calm down.  Think of this when you're talking to an anxious crying child - nothing much happens until the atmosphere is calm and the child is peaceful.  The same holds true for spirits.  By projecting love and understanding about the predicament they find themselves in, it is easier to call their guides, teachers, archangels, ancestors, parents and other family members to come through the light and take this spirit "home". 

Once the spirit has gone through the veil they can come back in visitation but they aren't stuck in our dimension anymore.  It's really about us coming to terms with our feelings about life, living and the ultimate ending that we all face.  Knowing that we will move into our spirit form at some point in our human life should be the impetus for coming to terms with some kind of understanding of our place in the universe.  Call this a spiritual understanding or a religious doctrine or whatever allows you to come to peace about the process of life, this is what will move you to come to terms with what happens to our spirit at death. 

I will continue to cleanse homes (which isn't meant to imply that spirits make them spiritually dirty) and I will always counsel my clients to go to a place of compassion for those who've gone ahead...

Peace, love, and light everyone - have a blessed week.

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