Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Wet and dull, dull and wet...

Spring has returned to "late winter" conditions here in Varney... after 2 glorious weeks of May-like weather, we're back to flurries pending over the next few days. We have a house clearing, blessing and ghost filming to do on Friday and flurries aren't optimal conditions for filming outside, or recording EVPs if it is windy... Oh well, it will be what it will be, frankly... it's just my daffodils and violas are chilly.

Plantar fasciitis has reared it's ugly head, in my foot, again. This is the worst, and most painful it's ever manifested. I've been on my feet a lot this week but today I defer to ice packs and elevating my feet on the footstool. I cringe at how bad the house gets to look even with just one day of relaxing the cleaning mode. It's hard to justify resting today when I'll have at least twice as much to do tomorrow... I hope however, that I can get some relief, even just for today - I have to be on my best for Friday.

I've had some interesting feedback about the possibility of closing the aboriginal healing practice. Most people are understanding, a couple are panicked and many are relieved that I'm not giving up my duties as a minister... I would never do that unless I was physically or mentally unable to perform my duties. A few people can't understand why I won't do all the jobs - now THAT would be physically impossible for me, frankly, and if I had the stamina, I couldn't do that to my daughter. Angeni does need some mommy time. I don't want to give up my practice, but without enough income I have to move on. It will play out as the Creator wishes it to...

I should be going out for a few hours with a friend today, just for some "me" time, but I think I'll pass... my foot is demanding my attention. Have a blessed rest of the week!!

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