Thursday, March 22, 2007

Who Shot my Paw?

I always know for sure - really and truly - when it is spring. Be damned equinox, the calendar or sunny days... it is spring when there are wet, muddy footprints everywhere in my house. The ground has thawed enough for the mud to stick to those paws, and that's a lot of paws in this house... 36 to be exact. Brian and I try to do the environmentally sensitive thing and use microfibre mops - no cleaners - just a bit of soap. However, when you've completely used up every microfibre mop head, and most of the rags, I have to ask "Is this extra load of laundry environmentally sensitive?"

It may be still just zero degrees, snow banks waist high, windy and raining for the 3rd day, but it is spring. Really. Just come look at my floors...

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