Saturday, July 31, 2021

New month, new week and new video...

 Hello friends,

I've started a new process - the publishing on YouTube of a weekly tarot/oracle forecast.  This is in addition to the new/full moon videos.  Additionally, students have requested that I do "unboxing" videos for new decks, and a walk down memory lane for older decks in my collection (which exceeds 1000 divination decks and objects).  I do card pulls and videos on both Facebook and Instragram...  I have videos of 3 to 4 minutes in length on Instragram, covering usually 2 days.

The link to the weekly video:

So I will be offering a link to YouTube of the unboxing video (which airs on Tuesday August 3) here:

We really enjoy the feedback, especially when folks find the readings helpful food for thought...  It is really wonderful when you hit the "like" button (thumbs up), and even more when you subscribe to the channel.  Google bases its algorithms on the number of likes/subscribers/shares we receive.  We really appreciate your help in this matter.

There are a growing number of  books from our library being offered for free.  Healing, indigenous studies, channeling, shamanism, crafts and more. It's downsizing time, and we want the energy to flow.  No cost, just make an appointment to come by and select your books.  

That's all for now - take care and enjoy August!

Blessings, Kathryn

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