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It's finally here - the newsletter!

Newsletter - Late Winter/Spring 2017
After a long winter of strange weather it’s delightful to send out this newsletter which looks forward to all things spring.  We’ve made some changes to course layouts to accommodate the distances some people are having to travel. Many of the workshops listed are being focused all in one day, usually on a weekend.  As students gather skills we are advancing the technical difficulty of some courses to accommodate their growth. This newsletter also contains the information on the spring equinox celebration.

Gatherings: Spring equinox gathering Sunday, March 19 1 PM to 3 PM.  Potluck nibbles.  Please register to ensure we have a seat for you.

Meditation Mondays: over the course of 12 evenings we learn about and practice quite a variety of different meditation styles and techniques - guided, with music, positional, and multi-spiritual in scope. In this 90 minute group we will start with a gratitude/burden basket exercise, progressing to guided meditation, and concluding with a private introspective time.  This is 12 weeks from February 27 to May 15 inclusive, 7 - 8:30 PM. $100.00/12 weeks paid in advance OR $10.00/week.  Feel free to bring a mat, pillow or blanket and dress comfortably.

Psychospiritual Development – Intermediate/Open Level: please note-students may take this level more than once until they’ve developed their desired level of competency. More channeling, more general exercises and more homework!  Students need to dress comfortably, and bring a notebook.   (Prerequisite - Beginner Level). Tuesday’s February 28 to April 18 inclusive 7 – 10 PM. $125.00
Wholistic Healing for Animals: On this day we learn the historic aboriginal methods of healing, review chakras and contemporary energy work on animals, crystals, herbs, dental care, wound treatment and much more.  Students to bring: a binder for notes, pen, and medicine objects, dowsing equipment, along with your lunch/snacks/beverages. Sunday March 5th, 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM. $80.00

Crystals and Healing:  Another of the traditions which celebrates the transcultural uses of crystals in healing.  Topics include: classifications, crystal cleansing and preparation;  various prayers and meditations using crystals;  totem animals;  making crystal essences; combining crystals and the chakras;  dowsing;  traditional scrying methods;  the pendulum; healing rods;  and, care of your stones.  No workshop on crystals would be complete without demonstrations, so dress comfortably.  Please bring a notebook, pen, whatever crystals you possess, and your lunch/snacks/beverages. Sunday March 12, 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM. $80.00

Medicine Wheel Garden Workshop: This two-day version covers our sacred garden style.  In the April class we discuss raised bed techniques, companion planting, moon cycle theory, harvesting and crop rotation.   We look at the moon and planting cycles, how to make medicines over the winter, what plants to consider for this spring, biodiversity and more.  On the May class date we actually build the garden from scratch so in addition to your notebooks you need your gardening gloves and boots! Information on seed suppliers will be shared, and some seeds will be made available for sale and exchange.   Students need a binder.  Sundays April 2 and May 28, 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM. The April class is $80 and the May class is free.

Introduction to Shamanism: As medicine people, we are concerned about the correct teachings of traditional medicine practice.  We are offering these teachings to those who are certain that this is part of their path.  These studies are meant for people of all races, creeds and religions, but like any other spiritual study, this is not for everyone.  This information is sacred.  Therefore the classes will be limited to those with a sincere desire to learn.  This workshop covers shamanic practices of the northeast, and topics include: sacred medicine objects and their use, ethics, healing traditions, ceremonies, correct use of spirit herbs, dream walking, spirit walking, totem animals, and shapeshifting.  Be prepared to bring whatever medicine/sacred objects you have. Please bring your lunch/snacks/beverages.  Notebooks and pens are needed. Sunday April 9, 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM.  $80.00

Aboriginal Healing Introduction: A basic course - we look at the uses of traditional medicine objects of the northeast, and the basic healing rituals that a medicine person performs.  Bring notebooks, crystals and whatever healing objects you have, along with your lunch/snacks/beverages.  This is an important prerequisite to the Aboriginal Healing Practitioner Program. Sunday April 23, 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM. $80.00

Tasseomancy/Tea Leaf Reading:  I promised tea leaf reading and here it is! Saturday, May 13, 1 PM (sharp) to 4:30 PM.  You will learn all the basics from the kind and types of cups to use, preparation of tea, symbols, interpretation protocols and much more!  You will leave with a set of notes, charts of symbols and at least 2 readings.  The last time we did this we had a blast.  $40.00.

Notes on registration: 
  • Gift Certificates are available and may be used towards course fees, services or anything in the studio.
  • Receipts are issued first night of class.  Classes fill quickly!  Payment can be made through the website (PayPal), Interac e-transfer (send to, cash or cheque (payable to "Rev. Kathryn Gorman-Lovelady").  We take Visa or Mastercard if you drop by the studio (call ahead).  
  • Your seat is confirmed upon payment.
Courses are being held at 302 Lafontaine Rd. West, Tiny (formerly Lafontaine), Ontario, L9M 0H1.
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