Thursday, August 11, 2016

Wow, what a life-changing summer!

As I write this today, my daughter turns 18.  She graduated with honours from grade 12 and received 6 awards/scholarships from the community!!!  To cap it all off, she just received confirmation of acceptance to Trent, and moves there on the Labour Day weekend.  We feel thunderstruck!  This is the best possible thing for her, rather than the"victory lap" she envisioned doing...  Angeni is in the Bachelor of Indigenous Education program, and after 5 years receives dual bachelors...  she wants to teach music, as she specializes in percussion.  We are ready for our wee bird to fledge the nest, and it is amazing.

The courses and channeling took off, in a big way, last winter...  this trend continued into the spring and summer.  Our last course finished on July 21st, and while we thought we'd get a break, all this university prep ramped up...  so no break.  We've done lots of ceremonies and teaching in the community, and I've been working on a medicine/marriage blanket for a wedding we are performing next weekend...  Even the celebrations for equinox and solstice have filled the house to standing room only! The shamanic gatherings are flourishing and we've added 4 more practitioners.  That is it, as we are maxed out in that department.

So, life in a wheelchair is busier than ever.  I am adapting, and peaceful...  In a few short weeks we're back in the teaching circuit and planning for shows.  The Bay Studio Tour is on the weekend of Oct. 1st and 2nd...  hopefully Brian will have time to make more bowls and shawl pins.

I love my life...

Enjoy the rest of the summer!  Kathryn

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