Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Wow...  what a month...  pneumonia (possibly twice - about to find out) and consultation with an orthopedic surgeon after an 8.5 month wait.  It took me 8 months to conceive and deliver Angeni!  So I've been away from my blog and I apologize for the disruption...

We're off school and work today (Wednesday) because of a nasty storm threatening to blanket us with ice for the next 36 hours.  Even our doctor has changed our appointment from in-office to Skype!  I love automation...  it's nice for Brian to not have the chore of loading my electric wheelchair into the van.  He needed to do the on/off loading thing when I saw the orthopedic surgeon last week, along with another doctor.  I believe in all he on/off loaded it 5 times in 8 hours - that's hard on a guy turning 70 this year.  However, according to the surgeon, I am in this wheelchair for life.  He cannot do any surgery on me to repair/replace/rejuvenate or otherwise get me walking as I used to do.  This life change requires more permanent renovations to our home in an effort to accommodate.  I am still processing all the implications.

More to come - can't keep the family doctor waiting!

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