Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Bay Studio Tour

Here we are, 3 days to go until the tour...  and it's the last day of September!  I feel the chill in the air, and I wonder about the animals we share space with...  Maxine is barely walking, but still eating and alert.  The 2 chihuahuas are fine, but don't like all the action in the house because we don't let them into the studio.  Of course they want to be where we are, and the studio is off limits.  I'd let them out there, but one of them has accidents - they don't make the connection.

It's a busy week all around - intermediate psychospiritual development started on Monday, and we have a dedicated group of students wishing to advance their knowledge...  Tonight it's a class of dowsing - all women carrying pointy sticks!  Brian is outnumbered.  We've had a couple of medical appointments to attend, and 4 out of 5 days we have to pick up Angeni at school because of her drama and band activities.   Being a bus kid, if her after school activities go beyond 3:30, she's stuck for a ride.  So, we plan our shopping and any other errands around her schedule.  Mercifully we can!  I am grateful for this flexibility.  I'm also grateful that this is the last year for it. 

Brian has been making some beautiful pens for the tour.  I hope they sell well because he could use the confidence boost.  I'll get one last shawl done...  I contemplated converting my last 5 cocoon shawls into standard shawls, but they are quite gorgeous the way they are, so I'm reducing the price to $75.00...  This doesn't even cover the cost of the yarns, but I don't care.  These 5 cocoons are last years stock and need to go, just as they are...  I've used the time I would have spent converting them to otherwise make talking/prayer sticks.  They've turned out quite impressive, because they start with Brian's woodwork skills and end with my bead, ribbon and artistic touches.  It's a physical prayer from our hands to the receivers!  Seems fitting...

As I write this, I'm listening to Peter Kater and R. Carlos Nakai,  Exquisite music.  It puts me in the mood to craft, so I better hop to it!

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