Sunday, April 12, 2015

I heard the frogs singing…

It's nearly noon on a very sunny warm Sunday. It appears that spring might have read my last blog post about being late, because she is sure making up for it today.  It's already 12° and Brian is outside lubricating the wheels and axles on the trailer.  The trailer has a new home next week...  Anyway in the silence of this Sunday morning I've had time to communicate with our shamanic group [confirming our next gathering], and this put me in a "looking ahead" mode.  I'm not one for planning too far ahead but certainly with teaching schedules one has to get the information out into the Big World so that students have time to make a choice and register. 

We've been really heartened and grateful for the response by students to the current psychospiritual development class.  I've really pushed a lot of information on these people because they seem capable of grabbing it and running with it. Every week Brian cautions me that maybe I'm overwhelming them, but I don't think so...

In my nearly 40 years teaching I cannot recall ever having a group where individually and collectively gratitude is shown toward the teachings on a weekly basis! This is a group of genuine, committed, spiritually progressive light workers.  The key, I believe, to their advancement is the state of grace they hold - in other words their gratitude.  I do not own their gratitude; I am only the vehicle through which this cumulative knowledge is shared.  It is not my knowledge per se, but the knowledge of the divine that I've been able to glean in my personal and professional life.

So during last night's class when everyone stood to work, everyone channeled [some for the 1st time] I was gob smacked at just how advanced this group really is, right now, today.  The collective consciousness has been advancing certainly for the past 50, years but never was it more demonstrated to me than watching these people grasp the teachings and go.  In recent years we've tried offering courses and never have they run! We would hand-deliver flyers to bookstores and esoteric stores everywhere from Midland/Orillia/Barrie/Wasaga Beach/Collingwood/Thornbury and all the little communities in between - anything within an hour of our place.  The lack of community response to very inexpensive courses made me question whether the universe was telling us that we are passĂ©, and the offering of courses is out of step with current spiritual philosophy. However, in the winter, members of the community came to us and asked us to teach what we know - that was a surprise! So it started the ball rolling.  Now we have a crystals course, dowsing, introduction to shamanism, and another round of channeling set to go this summer.  Ultimately I'd like there to be enough trained channeling students that we can have a weekly sitting circle.

This brings me back to the frogs...  At the end of last night's class one of the students poked her head back in the door and called to me "You must come here the frogs they've started singing!"   After all the students were gone I did step outside with the dogs, and indeed the frogs were singing.  I went to bed with that sound in my head to be awakened by birds singing.  I am grateful and feel blessed that spring is indeed ushering in a new sense of connectedness and growth.

Blessings to you all and may you also feel joy in this developing spring time.

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