Thursday, November 01, 2012

I promise I will get back to all things paranormal in a couple of days - really, I promise! :)  I would rather speak about the Ontario Multifaith Committee (OMC) conference I just attended on the weekend...  It was, as always, highly impactful and nourishing for my soul.  It amazes me how savvy and connected people can be when they have a common agenda.  In this instance the OMC mandate covers their responsibility to oversee that the spiritual needs of inmates in prisons (and to some degree other government institutions) are honoured and protected.  Even in Canada there are gross violations of human rights and spiritual/creed laws.  So the fact that OMC has lost its funding from the Ministry of Community and Social Services became another tangent of the bonding, common agenda under which we operate.  The conference food is fair, the accommodations are spartan, but the spiritual dynamism is so inspiring and rich nourishment that is hard to surpass.  I am a better person for the effort to attend.

On Tuesday evening I came home to find a cheque waiting in the mail - a cheque from a friend who knows we are hurting, and needing some money to get us through to the open houses later this month.  I am humbled by her words of support as much as the money.  It validates that moving back into my original direction (Moonstar Lodge) is the correct thing to do...  I studied hard and long to be a medium, healer and shaman.  To that end, I find great comfort in returning full time to this part of my walk on the red road. I love talking to the "spooks" (my affectionate term of endearment), and seeing beyond the limitations of my human eyes and imagination.  See?  This is bordering on references to the paranormal.

One of the only downturns to this week, as we prepare to do some drum-making with highschool kids, is that I'm forced to withdraw from my fibromyalgia medication, due to the cost and the side effects.  I have nothing left to use, except acetaminophen, which really does nothing anymore.  The act of withdrawal means my head aches, I'm nauseated, knees, ankles and feet are swollen, and I am in pain.  Big time.  Not a happy week.  The dizziness and palpitations are better today than yesterday, and I am sleeping, so that helps.  It will be better by the weekend, I pray.

Well, I have to get back to my other work, so see you soon!  Blessings, Kat

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