Sunday, December 09, 2007

Anniversary Snooze

I can't believe we've been together 13 years today... and married 12 years ago today!!! One baby and a million animals later, we're still happy and still laughing. The move is a mere 3 days away and we're up to our ears in boxes. The house is painted and unrecognizable. While I'll miss this place, I have to disconnect spiritually and emotionally so it will sell... It is quite an unusual feeling to be a week away from full-time work and a regular paycheque. I think we'll do alright.

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Dale Anne Potter said...

I am so happy to find your blog......I was cleaning out some old files and I found some articles by you. At one time, while I was working in the High Arctic you were going to teach at Quilt Canada (I think in Edmonton) and we corresponded for awhile.
Hope your move goes smoothly and you will be somewhat settled to enjoy the holidays.