Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Couple of Things

I get emails about my blog entries, mostly asking for clarification on events or such that people don't understand or want more information... then there are comments suggesting what I "could" be writing about. Well, with apologies to Lesley Gore "It's my blog and I'll write what I want to..." This isn't an appropriate venue for teaching native medicine traditions nor for counselling - even on general concepts - in my opinion. So anyone holding their breath hoping for that kind of output will expire from anoxia before they ever see those kinds of commentaries. Anyone with issues needs to honour the process and come to make an appointment for one-on-one communication, if it is really that important to them - I take the issues seriously. If I am irreverent - it is my nature, if my comedic timing is off - so be it, if my language offends - stop reading. Enough said...

Brian and I were talking about our journey from Guelph to Wolverton, and then here to the farm 7 years ago. I could remember Pooky and Spike in Wolverton, and everywhere we've lived, but I cannot for the life of me remember the cats being in Wolverton!! I don't remember where I fed them, where they slept, what nonsense they got up to... I know I got all 3 elder cats in Guelph, so by default they had to be with us in Wolverton... I remember the older cats in Guelph, but not later, however I remember loading them in cat carriers for the trip north - and that is it. Brian was surprised, since my memory is so acutely precise... funny what we choose to retain and what we leave out of the active memory banks...

Speaking of cats, Nonny has started to wander around the house in her 16th year... Always a house cat, none of the older cats ever wanted to go outside. Now, with great trepidation, she will go out one door and in the other, skulking under the stairs or otherwise acutely sensitive to her outdoor environs. A falling leaf will spook her, and yet she continues to ask for the wonderful journey - a lesson for me perhaps, as I get older.

Winter temperatures have arrived now that it is mid-January. Not much snow yet, though. Angeni had a surprise day home yesterday because of icy road conditions - and she is is kid who hates missing school. She coped.

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