Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wonderful Weather

Considering we've only had snow for about 7 weeks, this melt is welcome... the ground absorbs the snow faster because there was no old snow base which needed to thaw first... It has been an easy melt-off. Brian tapped 2 maple trees for sweet water and we're managing about 4 litres a day from the trees... the temps are supposed to drop again in the next day or so, meaning the sap flow will stop. We'll have enough for a good cleansing tonic.

Saturday afternoon at 2 PM we have our annual spring equinox gathering. It is a feast day, so everyone attending is asked to bring potluck, and confirm with us that you're coming - in this way, if there is freezing rain or other bad weather, we can notify everyone. Right now it looks like a gathering of about 16 to 20 people which is really nice...

Spring is always difficult for dental issues - as a species we're genetically hard-wired to certain physiological truths, and if there are going to be dental problems, spring is a good bet for that pain and discomfort... For me, I broke a lower molar last fall, and over the weekend broke a chip off the molar above it - 2 teeth, same side, deeply annoying. We don't have any sort of dental coverage, so when I spoke to the dentist, this is going to be a doozy bill with at least 3 visits. Not good timing for us financially, but a fact of life.

Anyway, Angeni is heading off tomorrow for 2 nights with her godmother Kaaren, in Toronto. Two weeks of room cleaning was required to get this privilege - Angeni was not impressed. As bright, well behaved and gifted as she is, slovenliness is her Achilles heel. However, Dad stepped in, moved some shelving, removed some furniture, and opened the space up. It is, for a few days at least, clean and tidy. We'll see how long this lasts.

I've applied for a job posting with the government for an Elder. I'm hoping this works out... If it does, the only thing we'll be able to continue with for the next year is Midewiwin. I will miss our practice, but the financial ease will be helpful. Both Brian and I left regular corporate jobs to do this work, and our income was shredded by this choice - I don't regret it, but at the same time I don't want to lose our home, by being forced to sell. We're suffering financially right now....

Gotta head in to Durham - be comfy and frolic in this lovely weather!!!

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