Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Manic March

March certainly roared in like a lion - I'm hoping Wiarton Willie is correct that spring comes early. We posted an overnight temperature of -23 with wind chills of close to -40. This isn't Nunavut!!! Weird weather doesn't help the global warming camp, when taken in isolated situations. If we look at the fact that there was no real winter snow or temperatures until the 3rd week of January, to have winter gone by the 3rd week of March would be quite something - a record - and a nod to the global warming advisors. Angeni missed Friday, Monday and today - I hope she goes to school the remaining 3 days this week because she is off next week for March break!!! Hopefully these are the last of the school days lost to bad weather this year.

The barometric pressure fluctuations are not doing much for my dizziness - that had cleared up for about a week and has suddenly returned like bad gas - you never know when it will hit. These bouts are related in inner ear infections and sinus problems, and I'm aware I have both ... I'm ready for them to go away now...

Brian will be sending out messages for spring equinox feasting and celebration. I hope the weather has cleared enough that we don't have to cancel it... it's hard to have a spring equinox in mid-April because of bad weather...

Keep cozy... Kathryn

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