Monday, February 12, 2007

Ya Win Some, Ya Lose Some

So, I found out tonight that there aren't enough registrants to run the program at Sheridan on March 3rd, so that cancels my trip to Toronto... Kaaren and I shall have to figure out how to celebrate our respective birthdays in another way... However, I also found out today that my anthology submission was accepted for a First Nations Anthology being funded by the Ontario Arts Council... it is being released in July. So we get the yin/yang of the day...

Had a catscan today at the crack of dawn... had to be at the hospital so early it wasn't even daylight for the appointment. Mercifully the early hour meant I wasn't waiting behind a lot of other people, so I was home before 9 AM... I understood there wouldn't be any after effects, except some dizziness and perhaps a headache... The dizziness remains static, but the headache has been a doozy. I'm surprised that there were any after effects, but that's what happens when they irradiate your head. At least they found some brain matter in there. Well, I hope they did...

Angeni actually got to school today!! The second school day of February!! For her it was like having spring break a month early. We didn't mind, as she has the bronchial problems. So far she seems to be healing. Mabel and her mysterious leg wound are on the mend.

Our weather was actually great today, with very little snow accumulation. It looks like the snow may return tomorrow night, with a major storm heading into Toronto... I'm not sure if it will head this far north tomorrow night, but I do think we'll get the counter-clockwise streamers and squalls that have been plaguing us for more than 2 weeks, probably on Wednesday or Thursday. At least Brian hasn't had to plough for a couple of days - he ploughed every day last week.

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