Tuesday, September 06, 2016

University starts

The kid has flown the coop, fledged the nest, dipped her toes in the waters of adulthood...  Angeni just turned 18 in mid-August and as of Labour Day weekend she's off to university,  We don't feel the empty nesting yet...  less laundry, fewer dishes, the house is quieter and we are back to work.  I am sure we'll miss her more as things settle into a pattern.  I cannot believe how quickly time has flown - this is the focus of my amazement around all of this shift.  Only 15 years ago we finally got her out of diapers!

I look at Brian and see a man turning 70 shortly.  A vibrant man, still climbing on the roof and doing his wood art...  loading and unloading the fledgling at school, and being "the guy".  He looks after me, now that I need the power wheelchair.  I look at my face, turning 60 next year, and it doesn't look too bad yet.  I tell myself the wrinkles are from weight loss, not aging!  Hahahahahaaa. 

Life goes on...  this third dimensional life is swift and short, amusing and amazing.  On to a new chapter.  Have a great week.


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